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Dad, Mom, and baby Meghan

Dad, Mom, and baby Meghan

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Thursday, February 26, 2009

Oh goodness, how much more can a mom take?

I seem to be the only person who is not feeling horrible here. Yes, I am sick, but staying ahead of the worse of it, being sleep deprived makes everything more difficult for me, but at least I had a nice nap today. Tom and Julia are home for rodeo vacation. The rodeo is a big deal in Tucson, and the school districts give up other holidays in order to allow these days off for the their staff and the kids in town.

So giving medicine has been fun here, Kara will sometimes take it, others it runs down her face. Kara will take it most of the time. Meghan got chewable antibiotics, but she refused to take them, I suppose they do taste pretty bad, so we gave her Kara's liquid since they are the same thing, and now need to get a new script for liqiud for her.

Julia got another anitbiotic for her sinus infection, she was feeling pretty sick today. We both got a fright tonight; Julia came with me to the store and fainted while we were shopping. She said she was tired and needed to get back to the van, and then mentioned her eyes bothering her, then suddenly fell onto my shoulder and slid to the floor as I held her arms so she would not fall. I had thought she was joking with me at first, but she was out for a few seconds (centuries), and then opened her eyes and asked why she was on the floor. I pushed the basket aside and helped her up then supported her weight while we walked back to the van. I ran back in and purchased our items and we came home. She was pale and weak, but was not having pain, difficulty breathing or any indication she was in distress. She had not eaten all day, and I think that was one of the reasons. After she drank an antioxidant drink, she went to bed. I called the pharmacy after reading the side effects of Keflex myself and not seeing fainting as one of them. They mentioned dizziness, but fainting, no. The pharmacist said he could not see anything to indicate the medication caused the episode. Nevertheless, we are calling the doctor tomorrow to have the script changed. We will be checking on Julia a lot tonight.

Tom said he nearly fainted in school on Monday, he said he had to grasp the handrails and literally pull himself up the stairs, so I guess we could say that Julia is a few days behind Tom in this virus? He is feeling badly again, swollen glands in his neck, joints hurting. Probably has strep too, we love to share everything here, except with Amanda, thank goodness she is still doing OK.

Kara felt better tonight, was able to eat all of her dinner, Meghan is drinking, but not eating. Both have lost weight since their last doctor appointment, Kara lost 3 pounds, and Meghan lost 8! Thank goodness both girls were on the chubby side, the weight loss is barely noticeable in either one.

I have been taking mega supplements to stay well, fish oil, Vita C, calcium D glucarate, indolplex, isocort, cranberry concentrate for a bladder infection (yes, when it rains it pours) milk thistle, Vita D, and alpha lipoic acid. I take most of these daily anyway, I am just taking a few more. I think the isocort is preventing the terrible fatigue the rest of the family is feeling, and even though they see it is helping me, they do not want to take it. Time for bed, please pray with us that we will all recover soon.

1 comment:

Burt&Vickie McCumber said...

Wow! When it rains it pours!!! Good luck to all and keep up the great work!!

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