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Dad, Mom, and baby Meghan

Dad, Mom, and baby Meghan

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Thursday, December 18, 2008

Not easy being a sick mom

I have been so sick this past week that I am afraid I totally failed in the mom department.

I am always amazed at these selfess women who can continue on through illness and do what they always do regardless of it (not very healthy for them) Me, I get sick and I am down for the count. I may as well just leave the house until I am better because I am useless. I am happy to say my head is less fuzzy and I can actually see again, my eyesight gets very poor when I get a cold. My head no longer feels like it will explode when I cough, and my lungs feel like they may remain in my chest instead of flying out of my mouth. Ugh, I hate having a cold.
I found that things that I normally take more or less in stride are impossible to deal with when I am sick, It just seems so overwhelming and I at times like these, I wish I my Mom was still alive, I sure needed help this wek, though DH did leave work early, thank goodness.
SO here are a few things that drive me crazy when I am sick:
Two sweet girls wetting the bed and having to wash all their bedding AGAIN (I even used cloth diapers in Kara's Target diapers, and it helped, a little. )
Messes made right after the floor is picked up including someone (Kara) emptying an entire bag of corn chips and then stomping on them, and me remembering the broken vacuum cleaner (it can't be fixed Mrs L, but I have another one for $135 and having to sweep the area rugs instead of vacuuming them because it is Christmas and I can't spare the money right now). Resorting to letting the cats eat the corn chips because they were hungry and it got the floor clean didn't it? Did you know that a lint brush works very well in getting hair and lint off the carpets when the broom won't? There is a lot of hair on carpet's...
Kittens and toddlers tearing the house apart, the kittens are into dragging socks, towels, t-shirts, underwear, all pulled from the over-flowing laundry basket, between their legs stage... the girls are in the drag out the toys out and leave them everywhere stage, the kittens using the carpet as their litter box (maybe it was the corn chips)...the girls are using the couch as a potty chair because someone (Kara) keeps taking her diaper off and whoops...
Children that climb on me (all three of em) when I am lying down on the sofa I just sprayed with Pet Stain cleaner and deodorizer, my sweet little girls who are treating my body as part of the sofa, and me hoping I do not get wet too.
Phone calls that come right after the little girls are down for a nap and I am finally resting, kittens who think my hand is a plaything and claw me (after I hang up the phone and I am dozing off again)...
The spilled milk or juice (Meghan, who wants to be independent even though she is not accurate with her pouring), that has to be wiped up while mommy has a throbbing head, and stepping in the spot of juice I missed with clean socks on.
Drinking my bottle of water and wondering why it has chunks in it, can we say backwash (Kara and Meghan) S that was why the water was opaque?
Changing 15 diapers a day.
Changing outfits two to three times a day; today it rained in the morning, but Amanda and Kara went out when Meghan did even though mommy told Meghan, no outside today, the ground it wet..change #1, and Kara took off her diaper with her pants on and sat on the sofa...change two for her, and Meghan put Amanda in the empty bathtub and poured a cup of water on her..change two for her, and Meghan sat in said water, change 2 for her.
Washing at least a load of clothes a today (or more). I just looked down and saw baby food all over my leg, how did that get there, I also have the lovely booger smudge on my right shoulder...
Making food for three girls who cannot eat the same thing, then feeding Amanda who takes 45 minutes to eat, while listening to Kara who cries because I am feeding Amanda even though Kara self-feeds, and then trying to remember to cook something for me after the little girls eat, and did I eat lunch today??
Having daughter #1 asking for a ride right after her sisters fall asleep and I am looking forward to a nap (usually when Meghan and I do two hours of HS). And before, during and after all of the fun; trying to home school with a runny nose, throbbing head, and eyes that cannot focus, wondering if it is a good excuse to skip that day, and when is Christmas break again?
Two of our 9 cats, 4 stay outside, 2 of those 4 just showed up at our house the past month, they are both kittens. Neither will come in the house. The others that stay in the house are Boot's kittens, 3 months old and ready to leave to new homes, please someone take one, they are tearing the house apart. Two look like these kitties, and one is black, one has a home.


GoldenAngelsWorks said...

Poor Kris and girls.... I definitely know the feeling of a useless sick mom.... sending loving thoughts and prayers to you.

carol said...

I hope you get feeling better soon. We have a cat that looks just like your black and white ones. Ours name is Tux.

The girls are really growing. hope everyone is getting better.

Jennifer said...

I hope you are feeling better by now! Merry Christmas!

Alice said...

I hope you are feeling better! How was your Christmas?

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