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Dad, Mom, and baby Meghan

Dad, Mom, and baby Meghan

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Sunday, August 31, 2008

NOLA-please pray for people in the path

Lake Pontchartrain, taken in 2006, after Katrina, we drove the causeway, which is almost 24 miles long

Here are of the pictures we took when we were in NOLA 2004,2005, and 2006, I chose to have my breast reconstruction surgery in NOLA because they had the most experienced plastic surgeons for the type of surgery I wanted, a SGAP. Superior Gluteal Artery Perforator, not a good surgical choice for women who just want a quick surgery, I had to have 3 revisions.
Admittedly I did not get out all that much because I was in the hospital, but we did spend one day taking the trolley to the aquarium. I had my first surgery July 16 2004, a 12 hour surgery which did take it's toll on me physically, and on my poor husband who had to wait for it to be done.
This is post surgery, puffy and on pain meds, a patch, DURAGESIC® (fentanyl transdermal system) CII patch is a strong prescription pain medication for moderate to severe chronic pain that can provide long-lasting relief from persistent pain. Let me just say that I did not feel any pain...we took the trolley to the aquarium. That was a bad idea, but I was going stir crazy. It did tear open some inner stitches which would prove to be an issue for 3 months post surgery, and the need for major revisions in November that year. We drove to NOLA that time.

Pictures of New Orleans NOLA, pre-Katrina 2005






2005, we complained that gas was less than $2.00 a gallon in Louisiana, it was $2.39 when we left Tucson. Katrina changed that quickly for everyone in the US.

two years ago, we watched in horror as Katrina approached New Orleans, having a fond place in our hearts for this beautiful and diverse city, we never thought it could be as destroyed as it was. It was devastating, what was even worse was driving into the city after our 1,400 mile drive from Tucson, to see the city once more, after Katrina. We were horrified and saddened by the state the once beautiful homes were in. You could feel the sadness from the people who decided to stay in NOLA, but so many never returned after the storm. All the lives lost, all the lives changed, and now Gustav?

Hurricane Katrina making landfall August 2005

So many people simply could not leave New Orleans, the Memorial Hospital, where I had received my first two reconstruction surgeries, was surrounded by many homes with broken down cars, the cars up on blocks, and people living in extreme poverty. Just down the block were the beautiful homes New Orleans was known for, but next to the hospital people lived in shacks. There was no way they could have evacuated without help, and what help did they have?

Look at the sign on the above building....downtown was being rebuilt rapidly it was one of the only places we saw activity, many homes remained boarded up.
Point of contention with many living in FEMA trailers; the stadium was going to open for the upcoming football season. Money was poured into that structure despite the people of NOLA's protests. This relayed to me by the nurses and doctors I saw while getting revision surgery in 2006. The rationalization was ticket sales could bring in much needed revenue.

My surgeon told me thousands of Oak trees were killed by the flood waters, each hundreds of years old. I believe he said over 5000 trees. the palm trees that lined the trolley tracks were also killed.

Neighborhoods formally lined with trees, grass, beautiful plants and gardens, were reduced to scattered tree trunks, battered remaining trees and rubble, nothing was the same, and no one escaped, rich or poor.
Now in 2008 another hurricane threatens New Orlean's, and nothing has been put in place to protect them, to save their homes, we are praying everyone left this time and what is more, the Levies withstand the storm swell.

FEMA trailers, we drove along the levy and every home had one in the front yard, I believe many are still there today.

Gustav-inmformation for families with special needs children

Most of you are up north, but some of you may be in the Louisiana/Mississippi Coastal areas.

If you are, and you are evacuating, I'm trying to set up a page for emergency information on services, etc. for Louisiana evacuees.

This will be a joint effort by the Down Syndrome Assn. of Greater New Orleans and the Louisiana Family to Family Health Information Center, which is a statewide program of Bayou Land Families Helping Families.

Additionally, the Louisiana Family to Family Health Information Center will post emergency information and contacts for families of children with special health needs and disabilities to the LaDisabilityTalk newsgroup and the DSAGNO newsgroup. These are both Yahoo newsgroups and you can sign up at www.yahoogroups. com if you want to get information up to the minute.

The Louisiana Family to Family Health Information Center will be up and running out of my Texas hotel and via our health information specialists throughout the state in Families Helping Families offices not effected by the storm.For the Families Helping Families Office near you, go to

For those in South Louisiana on this listserve, there are notices on these 2 listserves already about emergency sheltering, services and assistance in evacuating.

For others on this listserve, please pray for those in South Louisiana and elsewhere who are facing Hurricane Gustav.

Thank you.Karen Scallan
Program Supervisor
Louisiana's Family to Family Health Information Center
A Statewide Program of Bayou Land Families Helping Families
204 East Bayou Road
Thibodaux, Louisiana
Email: mailto:kscallan@cox.%20net
Bayou Land Website:
Family to Family Website:

Gustav-Pets & Animals Hurricane Preparedness Tips

An alert I received today, I wanted to post here, some of the info may not help for those evacuating today and tomorrow, but overall good advice.

Pets & Animals in Distress has put the below following Hurricane Preparedness Guide be to all pet owners that could be in the direct path of Hurricane Gustav. For those of us who might have been in denial: It's pretty clear that we indeed are in the heart of hurricane season now, with Gustav heading toward the Gulf Coast and Hannah barreling through the Atlantic.

Does your family have a hurricane preparedness plan to include for your pets? And if you have to evacuate, do you have somewhere to go that will take your animals, too? The Pets & Animals in Distress Web site is a great resource center that offers pet preparedness and disaster information that includes a good hurricane checklist for pet owners, pet friendly hotels and Hurricane Center Directory.

You can visit us at:

Disasters like hurricanes, tornadoes and floods don't just affect you -- they also affect your pets. And your pets depend on you for their safety. There are many ways to be "Pet Prepared," but you must think ahead and start planning NOW. During a disaster, if you see an injured or stranded animal that needs help, contact your local animal control officer or animal shelter.

Please follow the below tips in case of immediate evacuation of you and your pets in those targeted regions.The separation or loss of a pet can have a profound impact on a family! We should make every effort to insure our pets are safe and with us. A written disaster plan, particularly in households with pets can lessen a disaster's impact and save lives! Advanced planning is essential and could save your pet(s) life and the best recommended plan is to take your pet with you when and if you have to evacuate.

REMEMBER- Public Shelters Do Not Allow Pets! All facilities in a disaster area may be subject to some degree of damage or flooding. If you are thinking of boarding your pet, consider the difficulties of providing a healthy environment without electricity, running water, plus limited supplies and personnel! Contact your veterinarian or local humane society for information on preparing your pets for an emergency.


  • Make sure that your pets are current on their vaccinations.
  • Pet shelters may require proof of vaccines
  • Have a current photograph

  • Keep a collar with identification on your pet and have a leash on hand to control your pet.

  • Have a properly sized pet carrier for each animal - carriers should be large enough for the animal to stand and turn around.

  • Plan your evacuation strategy and don't forget your pet!

Specialized pet shelters, animal control shelters, veterinary clinics and friends and relatives out of harm's way are ALL potential refuges for your pet during a disaster. If you plan to shelter your pet - work it into your evacuation route planning.

DURING THE DISASTER· Animals brought to a pet shelter are required to have: Proper identification collar and rabies tag, proper identification on all belongings, a carrier or cage, a leash, an ample supply of food, water and food bowls, any necessary medications, specific care instructions and news papers or trash bags for clean-up. · Bring pets indoor well in advance of a storm - reassure them and remain calm. · Pet shelters will be filled on first come, first served basis. Call ahead and determine availability.

AFTER THE DISASTER· Walk pets on a leash until they become re-oriented to their home - often familiar scents and landmarks may be altered and pets could easily be confused and become lost. Also, downed power lines, reptiles brought in with high water and debris can all pose a threat for animals after a disaster. · If pets cannot be found after a disaster, contact the local animal control office to find out where lost animals can be recovered. Bring along a picture of your pet if possible. · After disaster animals can become aggressive or defensive - monitor their behavior.

PET DISASTER SUPPLY KIT• Proper identification including immunization records• Ample supply of food and water• A carrier or cage• Medications• Muzzle, collar and leash


The HUMANE SOCIETY Disaster Center

FEMA - Animals and Emergencies -
Locate PET-FRIENDLY Hotels & Motels -

Emergency Pet Preparedness

Pet & Animals in Distress knows the importance of promoting pet safety awareness, when it comes to protecting our cherished pet family members in case of home Fires or any natural disaster crisis that may occur anytime such as (Hurricanes, Tornados, Earthquakes, Floods or Snowstorms). Having "Rescue Rover" Pet Alert Fire Rescue window decals on windows gives firefighters or emergency personnel a much better chance of alerting them that there are pets inside of a residence and lets them know how many and what type of pets that are inside when they arrive on the scene that need to be rescued. "Rescue Rover" Pet Alert Fire Rescue decals can greatly increase a pet's chances of survival of being saved from a home fire or disaster, and the number of tragic companion animal deaths can be significantly reduced. There is no price you can pay to protect and save a pet family member.

Receive your Free "Rescue Rover" Pet

Alert Decals with your donation to Pets & Animals in Distress.

Don't forget your pet when preparing a family disaster plan. Please cross post and forward this pet safety preparedness message on to other pet ownersThank you and our prayers go out to all that are in harms way!

Brenda Beck, Founder/ PresidentPets & Animals in Distress

"Your Best Friends Helping Our Best Friends"

1511 east Commercial Blvd

PMB #129

Fort Lauderdale, Florida


United States

Just a nice video

Not saying I approve or disapprove of Mc Cain's choice of Palin, but I did like this short video.

Friday, August 29, 2008

Why adopt internationally?

People ask me this all the time, they say our foster care system is full of children who need forever families, I say at least they have a home; a foster family... No it is not perfect, families though, rarely are, but they ARE NOT housed like unwanted animals, never seeing sunlight, never knowing love.

I warn you that these videos are very upsetting, they made me cry, they horrified me if I am honest, I will say this, but they also renewed my vow to myself and God to do what I could to help get the children out of baby houses before they end up in these abominable places.

This is a look at Serbia's mental institutions, sadly most eastern European institutions are very similar, some better, some worse. Kara's blog shows two girls available for adoption, they live in a mental institution, their "home" is nothing like these, it is better funded, but they often remain in bed for most of the day, they need families, both girls are nearly Meghan's age, they still have a sparkle in their eyes, they have so much potential. Visit Kara's blog and click on their pictures on the side bar, they are Katerina and Margarita.


Thursday, August 28, 2008

Some pictures from Thursday

The girls had a great day outside, I was going to post on their respective blogs, but honestly, I am too tired, so I will put all on Meghan's. You can see our dorky chow mix running by. She is Julia's dog, but was never trained well, and gets out of the yard and won't come back, she tries to bite the tires of passing trucks, can you say "Dog Whisperer"? We should not have a dog, end of story. Live and learn, Julia feels badly now that she is 15, we got Sophie 6 years ago.
Kara seems to be the odd man out today, she is such a jealous girlie,
and pouts when her sisters play. We just hug her and love her, school seems to make her happy.

After I removed Amanda from the rocking dog and put her in the Cozy Coupe ( a gift from our friend Kathy G. 4 years ago. Kara climbed on the dog, you can see how happy it made her!
Kara has such a pretty smile, but she is a beautiful little girl, robust and healthy.

Amanda was not sure what to make of the Cozy Coupe, but Meghan was there to help her. Kara was happy to look on from HER doggie.

Amanda decided it was a pretty cool toy after all! Look at that smile!

I think Meghan is as happy as I am when Amanda wants to do normal kids things, and Amanda adored the rocking dog. She smiled and had a great time rocking away. Made me so happy to see her acting like any little kid. It gave me hope! Maybe.... Meghan is such a nurturer.

Amanda getting a hug from Meghan, ahhh.

While Meghan does not have the thick hair she had when she was born,
her alopecia treatments (Squaric Acid) are doing a good job keeping her hair
from falling out completely. She even has both eyebrows again.

Tuesday, August 26, 2008

New pictures of Meghan!

My sweetheart Meghan, I finally got some good pictures of her, she is a head dropper, and eye averter when it come to pictures BUT I was taking pictures of Amanda and she had to be a part of it...far be it for me to not take advantage of a green-eyed monster. :o)
She looks so much like Julia in these, of course they would look alike, they are sisters, but more often than not, her features are shaped by her Down syndrome and she looks a little different than her siblings.

I am so proud of her, she is helping with her sister more and more, she has had some regression in behaviors, but that is to be expected. I feel so blessed to have Meghan. You can see Mandy Moo behind Meghan here, she was playing with my purse strap.

Friday, August 22, 2008

A touching story

It was because of our love for Meghan that we wanted adopt Kara and Amanda. This is a very sweet story about another families adoption journey, and Down syndrome.

Monday, August 18, 2008

Vent about dentists

I took all three girls to the dentist today. Meghan needs two small fillings, Amanda needs 7 pulpotomy's and crowns and three fillings. These are baby teeth we are talking about here, doesn't it seem extreme? Kara has almost perfect teeth, no cavities, but a really bad cross-bite, it is from her thumb sucking. Her teeth are beautiful despite that

The woman who works there is forever trying to make me get amalgam fillings for the girls, it says it on their charts, NO AMALGAM, but she starts with that spiel" Two amalgam fillings" and I say "You mean Composite, right?" and she says "Oh yea, you are THAT woman, the one that does not believe in amalgam." "Yes, I don't believe mercury is good for my kids, for anyone, and didn't the FDA rule that amalgam is unsafe, especially for children?" (no comment from her) July 2009 we may hear a different story from dentists, just because it has always been done this way does not make it OK.

I get so frustrated with her, just because the girls get Medicare (we have full dental, but it won't cover anesthesia, so medicare pays for that and whatever our other dental does not pay) she says there is no way they will pay for expensive composite, yet they have paid every single time I insist on it. She just thinks I am radical...mercury is dangerous, we get too much already, we do not need to give children fillings with a toxic metal in it, end of story.

And while I am venting, WHY DOES IT HAVE TO COST SO MUCH TO GO TO A DENTIST? The total bill for Amanda with insurance is $3067. Why aren't teeth part of medical coverage? Truly, I want to know, seems like someone made a pact years ago to guarantee dentists would always drive Jaguars...

The Truth (Vertigo)

Please watch the entire video-yes, the WHOLE thing

Sunday, August 17, 2008

School-week 1

So much has changed for Meghan in the last year, that finding a new normal is tough, she is not the most resilient little gal when it comes to change.

Last week was her first week back with AZVA and her behavior made it rough on all of us, avoidance tactics, and outright defiance. The little girls are also interested in what Meghan is doing, and scatter papers.

Something to work on for all of us...I would welcome tips from other home schooling moms and dads.

We were very busy last week, and the weeks flew by.

This weekend we met with another RR family, they have lent us their stroller while we raise money for, thanks to Lori and Evan, tomorrow is the dentist appointment, and you are sanity savers, now I feel confident I can do this alone.

Meghan has a check-up and Kara and Amanda have their first dental exams. I am concerned about Amanda, her teeth are terrible, I hope she isn't too traumatized by it.

We have another fundraiser going, complete with a drawing for a great holiday candle, 26 ounces, and it smells SO good. Hopefully we can raise as much as we did for the Banana Nut Bread fundraiser. :o)

Saturday, August 16, 2008

We have a winner for our candle fundraiser

Congratulations Rebecca
Thank you all for contributing, and look on the blogs for the new fundraisers we have going, a Pomegranate 26 ounce candle and our Rock Creek produsts.

Tuesday, August 12, 2008

Been humming this all day

I suppose all the talk about bigotry got me thinking about growing up in the 60's. One of my favorite songs as a preteen (early 70's)

"Everything Is Beautiful"(As recorded by Ray Stevens)R. STEVENS
("Jesus loves the little children
All the little children of the world
Red and yellow, black and white
They are precious in his sight
Jesus loves the little children of the world")

Everything is beautiful in its own way
Like a starry summer night
Or a snow covered winter's day
And everybody's beautiful in their own way
And under God's heaven
The world's gonna find a way.

There is none so blind as he who will not see
We must not close our minds
We must let our thoughts be free
For every hour that passes by
You know the world gets a little bit older
It's time to realize that beauty lies
In the eyes of the beholder.

And everything is beautiful in its own way
Like a starry summer night
Or a snow covered winter's day
Ah, sing it children
Everybody's beautiful, oh in their own way
Under God's heaven the world's gonna find a way.

We shouldn't care about the length of his hair
Or the color of the skin
Don't worry about what shows from without
But the love that lives within

And we gonna get it all together now
Everything gonna work out fine
Just take a little time to look on the good side my friend
And straighten it out in your mind

And everything is beautiful in its own way
Like a starry summer night
Or a snow covered winter's day, ah sing it children

Everybody's beautiful, oh in their own way
Under God's heaven
The world's gonna find a way.
One more time
Everything is beautiful in its own way
Oh, in its own way
Like a starry summer night, or a snow covered winter's day.

(c) Copyright 1970 by Ahab Music Co.

More on Tropic Thunder

An excellent website that covers everything well, including quotes from the actors in the movie.

All I can say is, why would we expect anything different from most of these actors?

Ben Stiller: " I am confident that people will get where we were coming from in the film. And we didn’t mean to offend anybody in any way."

Jack Black: " Everyone’s entitled to their opinion, obviously that’s what America’s all about. If you’ve got something to say, you are free to say it."

Do we expect these two to have a social conscious, most of their movies are irreverent, they like the shock value of being politically incorrect. I honestly think that many American people could care less about them using the R word in the movie, they do not think there is anything wrong with it, and that makes me sad.

Monday, August 11, 2008

The R word, my 2 cents

I have been reading for the past few days about the controversy surrounding the movie Tropic Thunder. I do not like hateful language, but what's more, I do not like hateful intent. Sometimes people use the R word in ignorance, sometimes they just do not think there is anything wrong with it, just like I used the N word as a child, I had no idea it demeaned anyone, not until I found a new friend who was African American and said it in front of her. You know up until that time, I did not know it even meant African American people, I thought it was just a word like any other, and unlike the cuss works I got spanked for using, I don't remember getting into trouble for using it.

So I used the N word while I was a guest at a friends home, and my new friend Jo Ann was hurt. Her father made me go home, and I cried all the way home because I did not understand what was wrong. I cannot remember how old I was or what grade I was in, but this was in the 60's. My parents did not use the N word that I recall, but kids at school did, my sister and I did and I think I knew it was slightly naughty, but I honestly cannot tell you for certain that I did. I do know I was terribly ashamed of myself that day.

I came home crying and asked Mom about it, she was not a bigot and rarely had cruel things to say about anyone, I was afraid she would be mad at me but she patiently explained to me why it was not nice to use that word. Mom explained to me that I was to use the word BLACK to describe folks of color (exactly what she said, this was before AA was more commonly used) I did not understand black either, but I did what my mother told me.

So I went back to Jo Ann's house to apologize, I wasn't sure her dad would even let me in the door, he was so angry with me and I was afraid of him, but the look on his daughters face when I used the N word compelled me to return and say I was sorry. I was so scared as I timidly knocked on their door, Jo Ann answered and told me her daddy said we could not play anymore, so I plead my case. I don't remember what I said, but I do remember being forgiven and allowed to play with Jo Ann again.

Jo Ann was what Mom called slow. She did not go to regular school, I know now that she didn't because her IQ that was too low for "normal" school. (This was before IDEA as well) Since she seemed a couple of years younger so I did not expect to see her in my recess, but I knew she never rode the bus. She was my age though I remember that.

Kids in the neighborhood avoided her, they made fun of me because I wanted to spend time with her, they did that for two reasons, neither of which were comprehendable to me I certainly did not understand anyone caring about someone who was slower at learning than I was. I had cousins with Down syndrome, all I knew was that they never got into trouble for being mean, but they seemed like regular girls to me, but the grown ups whispered about them a lot. I also had a beloved uncle with crippling RA in a wheelchair; I loved my Uncle Jack, and never understood people having issues with folks in wheelchairs either. I honestly did not even know that the R word pertained to my cousins with Down syndrome; I thought it meant someone doing silly stupid things. That was the context I always heard it used in.

So I thought Jo Ann was the neatest little girl, she was sweet and kind, we had so many good times together, but they were only there a short time, and one day I came home from school and they were gone. I lived in a Mobile Home Park aka as a Trailer Park, yep, I got called names for that too, Jo Ann and her dad were in a travel trailer and only rented the space for a short time, but she never told me that. I never did get to tell her goodbye either, and I never forgot how badly that one word hurt my friend, I think I still feel ashamed of myself for it deep down.

I think people are curious folk, while I know first hand how much words can hurt us; we try so hard to find more acceptable ways to describe people so we do not offend them. I was a white haired, bland looking little girl who grew up in a trailer court and never wore shoes in the summer, well; imagine the fun folks living in nicer homes had with me. I think my sister still lives with the stigma of growing up where we did. We had a nice home, always spotless, nice yard, fruit trees, veggie gardens, a loving Mother (strict father) and lots of love. When we were children, we loved our life; it was not until high school that we learned there was anything wrong with where we lived. I heard the term "trailer trash" for the first time as freshman. This from folks living in run-down homes, literally crumbling to the ground; we had a brand new trailer, we felt pretty good about ourselves. LOL

Words hurt though, hearing trailer trash did not bother me as much as they do my sister, but others words thrown at me did. I guess it depends on how folks treat you about it, I do not feel ashamed of where I grew up, she does, the term "Trailer trash" wounded her severely.

The N word wounded my friend Jo Ann, and the R word harms so many more people, as it does not play favorites and affects everyone of every creed and color. It was not until my daughter Meghan was born though, that I objected to it as much as I do now. I used it myself, when I made a mistake I would say; "Well that was a retarded thing to do” or I would tell my sons who were being goofy "Stop acting retarded". After Meghan was born the rude stares began, and the later the children who would run away from Meghan at Mc Donald’s or the Mall playground. It began to happen more and more as she grew older and I began to see that parents did not even teach their children about kids born with developmental, emotional, or physical differences, that even the parents seemed afraid or hateful towards my daughter. (“Stay away from her honey, she’s SLOW” or “Come over here and leave her alone”) I began to wonder if they believed Down syndrome was contagious. In the 7 years since Meghan was born I began to see how very hurtful the R word truly was, not just to her, but to my family, how peoples ignorance and fear let them revile my daughter and make fun of her instead of trying to befriend her/us and learn about how truly special she is, how she is more like them than different.

It was not until we told friends and acquaintances that we were adopting two more daughters with Down syndrome that their true feelings emerged. It was OK for us to have a daughter born to us with Down syndrome (well most felt that way), but to actually WANT MORE. Were we insane, and then began the “Will my taxes pay for them” and worse, they just stopped emailing, calling, and most walked away forever, why? What is it that people fear about anything or anyone who is different from themselves?

Actions hurt us, words can hurt us as well, they do hit like a fist and the wounds, though not physically apparent, take longer to heal.

I believe in people first language, I believe with all my heart that who we are should not be defined by how we look, walk, see, hear, think, or where we live…or by our IQ. I also believe that making fun of people with Down syndrome, CP, or other developmental issues has been fair game for Hollywood for a very long time (Mr. Magoo, Laurel and Hardy, Jerry Lewis). For so many years, they made fun of people of different nationalities, creeds, colors, religions, and as more and more lawsuits made it economically unsound for them to continue, they went after the last minority they could, that good old SHOCK VALUE sells tickets don't ya know. It has always bothered me that they felt it was OK to do this, but it bothered me more after Meghan was born, and like anything else in the world, we tend not to notice it unless it directly affects our lives and people we care about. I plead guilty of that as I did and probably still do the same with many other very important social issues.

However I do not like the new terms used for people who do not learn as fast, grow as fast, see or hear as well as, or move as fast or the same as "average" folk, they play around with different ways of say the same thing. Just like the R word, time will come when the new terminology is used in hateful derogatory ways, changing the words will not change the attitudes. We need to work on the reasons people are hateful and unkind, not just change the words they use against others. Yes, and I realize that that may never be possible, as people like to cling to hatred and their hurtful beliefs, but I dream of a better world nonetheless.

Saturday, August 9, 2008

Two very special videos

Tuesday, August 5, 2008

ROLE MODEL__Andrea F Friedman

Today we saw an episode of Law and Order SVU and in it was a 65 year old mother and her adult daughter with Down syndrome. The young woman who played her daughter was an amazing actress, and yes, she had Down syndrome (I hate it when they have typical people play folks with Down syndrome) is her IMDB page, read her resume, she is a great role model for all of our children.

I find it funny that she played a young woman named Amanda on "Life Goes ON" now I have never seen the show, and no, Amanda is not named after her. Amanda is named after my paternal Grandmother.

Sherlock Meghan

I was looking through pictures and found this one of Meghan, too funny!

I am so glad the yearly blood tests are over for the girls, it was a difficult morning for Meghan, but the juices they got afterwards cheered her up. I still cannot deal with her fear well and sat holding the other two while DH took Meghan back, I just feel so ill when they insert that needle into her, I can handle myself and I took the little girls back, but for some reason, I can't with my Meghan.

She was upset that I took Amanda back instead of sitting with her, she is beginning to count on her daddy more for support and while it is great, it makes me sad to see this step away into the beginning of her independence. I miss my little girl who needed my arms around her to make her feel better.

Maybe my friend was right, I do have a need to be needed?

Saturday, August 2, 2008


It's nap time for the little girls, of course neither feel like napping, maybe it is the heat?

I keep hearing Kara whining-wah wah wah, and Amanda rocking-buh ba ba ba, buh ba ba ba, when heard together, it sounds like, Wah, buh ba ba ba, Wah, buh ba ba, done in a rhythm that seems planned, I wonder if they used to do this at their orphanages. Despite me wanting to take them both out of bed, I won;t, they were both rubbing their eyes, they need their naps, I need them to nap. LOL

Meghan is taking a bath in cold water ALONE. She is so happy, she loves her little sisters, but sometimes she needs Meghan time. :o)

Meghan and her littlest sister

Beautiful artwork featuring children

Such a beautiful Video

I have a voice

Gifts video