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Dad, Mom, and baby Meghan

Dad, Mom, and baby Meghan

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Friday, December 31, 2010

Bring on 2011

It has been a rough year here, I am sure other families can relate. So yes, I am more than happy to see this challenging year behind us.

I remind myself that each hour we have in this world is a gift, but this year, oh, what a tremendous struggle, mostly financially, that is what happens when wages are frozen but prices of everything else go up and up, and I know we were not alone in this. In many ways it has been better for us than for others.

I am grateful our children have been relatively healthy this year, other than some colds and tummy flu's, we have had a good year.

I am grateful for the gains our three youngest have made in their developmental skills.

I am grateful my husband had a job, budget cuts have threatened his job for two years. 2011 will be another struggle, more cuts in store for our school budgets, prayers are appreciated.

I am very grateful for my continued remission from cancer.

I am grateful for the new daughter I gained this year via our sons Terry's marriage, we Love you Anna.

I am grateful for good friends, especially those who helped us make Christmas special for our little girls.

I am grateful for older children who are giving and caring and understanding.

I am grateful for the food we had to eat, the home we had to live in, and a running vehicle in good condition. More than many people have throughout the world.

I am happy for have all I have, for the blessings of my family and friends and wish everyone a wonderful 2011.

Thursday, December 16, 2010

Who is THAT girl?

Or should I say, THOSE girls. Meghan, Kara and Amanda are growing! Yesterday was OT Wednesday, that is when M comes by to work with all three girls on fine motor skills (gross motor mixed in too). M looked at Kara and said; "Kara are you taller?" and by golly, she sure is, I noticed her tops and skirts were getting too short, but all of a sudden she just looks so much bigger. It is time to wash and pack up size 4 clothing and put it away, size 5's are coming out! Kara grows so much faster than Meghan or Amanda. She wore size 3 for about 8 months. Now Meghan wore those clothes for a year and a half. Meghan had too many clothes, and she rarely wore anything more than twice, so Kara got some nice things, and Kara destroyed 1/3 of them by ripping out hems and stretching necklines. I have a pile by the sewing machine, ready to be hemmed again.

Kara is not the only little girl who is not so little, Meghan just turned 10 and I noticed her 7's are too short, 8's still a bit big though, I dislike those in between stages. Meghan is taller, but unlike Kara, not chubby, so she can wear clothes a long time. Kara is a big girl, large boned, fleshy.

Amanda is taller, but she gains weight so slowly, that she looks too skinny, her pants are falling off, and she is eating more again.

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