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Dad, Mom, and baby Meghan

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Sunday, August 31, 2008

NOLA-please pray for people in the path

Lake Pontchartrain, taken in 2006, after Katrina, we drove the causeway, which is almost 24 miles long

Here are of the pictures we took when we were in NOLA 2004,2005, and 2006, I chose to have my breast reconstruction surgery in NOLA because they had the most experienced plastic surgeons for the type of surgery I wanted, a SGAP. Superior Gluteal Artery Perforator, not a good surgical choice for women who just want a quick surgery, I had to have 3 revisions.
Admittedly I did not get out all that much because I was in the hospital, but we did spend one day taking the trolley to the aquarium. I had my first surgery July 16 2004, a 12 hour surgery which did take it's toll on me physically, and on my poor husband who had to wait for it to be done.
This is post surgery, puffy and on pain meds, a patch, DURAGESIC® (fentanyl transdermal system) CII patch is a strong prescription pain medication for moderate to severe chronic pain that can provide long-lasting relief from persistent pain. Let me just say that I did not feel any pain...we took the trolley to the aquarium. That was a bad idea, but I was going stir crazy. It did tear open some inner stitches which would prove to be an issue for 3 months post surgery, and the need for major revisions in November that year. We drove to NOLA that time.

Pictures of New Orleans NOLA, pre-Katrina 2005






2005, we complained that gas was less than $2.00 a gallon in Louisiana, it was $2.39 when we left Tucson. Katrina changed that quickly for everyone in the US.

two years ago, we watched in horror as Katrina approached New Orleans, having a fond place in our hearts for this beautiful and diverse city, we never thought it could be as destroyed as it was. It was devastating, what was even worse was driving into the city after our 1,400 mile drive from Tucson, to see the city once more, after Katrina. We were horrified and saddened by the state the once beautiful homes were in. You could feel the sadness from the people who decided to stay in NOLA, but so many never returned after the storm. All the lives lost, all the lives changed, and now Gustav?

Hurricane Katrina making landfall August 2005

So many people simply could not leave New Orleans, the Memorial Hospital, where I had received my first two reconstruction surgeries, was surrounded by many homes with broken down cars, the cars up on blocks, and people living in extreme poverty. Just down the block were the beautiful homes New Orleans was known for, but next to the hospital people lived in shacks. There was no way they could have evacuated without help, and what help did they have?

Look at the sign on the above building....downtown was being rebuilt rapidly it was one of the only places we saw activity, many homes remained boarded up.
Point of contention with many living in FEMA trailers; the stadium was going to open for the upcoming football season. Money was poured into that structure despite the people of NOLA's protests. This relayed to me by the nurses and doctors I saw while getting revision surgery in 2006. The rationalization was ticket sales could bring in much needed revenue.

My surgeon told me thousands of Oak trees were killed by the flood waters, each hundreds of years old. I believe he said over 5000 trees. the palm trees that lined the trolley tracks were also killed.

Neighborhoods formally lined with trees, grass, beautiful plants and gardens, were reduced to scattered tree trunks, battered remaining trees and rubble, nothing was the same, and no one escaped, rich or poor.
Now in 2008 another hurricane threatens New Orlean's, and nothing has been put in place to protect them, to save their homes, we are praying everyone left this time and what is more, the Levies withstand the storm swell.

FEMA trailers, we drove along the levy and every home had one in the front yard, I believe many are still there today.

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