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Dad, Mom, and baby Meghan

Dad, Mom, and baby Meghan

Meghan through the years

Meghan's age

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Saturday, January 10, 2009

A huge Meghan brag

"I love Kawa, I love Moo" said by Meghan at the doctors office on Thursday. Translated to ; "I love Kara, I love Amanda"

Developmental delay; something we have been hearing since Meghan was born, and her lateness in walking (20 months. not too bad really) and talking (6 years before she said a sentence) is also accompanied by difficulty for her with potty training. Even though she has gone number 2 on the potty for a couple of years. (Kara's adoption stopped that in it's tracks, she wanted the attention Kara received).
Since Kara came home we have been working on getting Meghan back on the potty, but gently, if she is pushed, she can out-stubborn anyone. We kept her in pull-ups because she did not seem to have any idea when she needed to go number 1 (Ok I know it is silly to say number one and two, but somehow saying otherwise sounds wrong to me for Meghan's blog) and she would wet everything. I figured her low tone also affected her ability to feel when she needed to go number 1 too.

I talked to my friend Kathy, who went through this delay with her son, and she said what others said; "Bite the bullet and put her in panties, it is the only way to get her using the potty", so Kathy, Stephanie, and others, this is what we have been doing, and Meghan has had two dry days and one night! She also refuses to wear the pull ups anymore. Do you suppose the 400 times I told her big girls wore panties finally sunk in? LOL. We take her to the potty on a schedule, first thing in the morning, after breakfast, mid-morning, after lunch, early afternoon, after dinner, and before she goes to bed, she goes number 2 on her own. I think she was finally ready to be the big sister and not the baby, PTL, it has been a long struggle. I am hoping she continues on her path to big girlhood.

Thanks to my friends Stephanie and Marsha, who handed down dozens of pairs of undies for Meghan, she has enough to wear a few pairs a day if need be! Meghan also has several brand new pairs coming in the mail too, I know that will make her happy. She adores new clothes, and she is proud of her big girl underwear too.

On another note, guess who made honor roll at her school? Yepper, it was Meghan, she met all the goals set in her IEP (as far as percentages go) and she was given an honor roll certificate! No she does not do all the work a typical second grader does, but she finishes what is given to her with moms help! We modify the curriculum for her.

This was the bumper sticker she received, I wanted to put it on our van below our Ds advocacy ribbon, but we do not put stickers on our cars. We may put it on her bedroom door though!


GoldenAngelsWorks said...

That is wonderful.... CONGRATULATIONS MEGHAN!!!!!!!!
On becoming a BIG GIRL and being Excellent in school...
Keep it up I knew you could do it!

Amy said...

HOORAY!!! What a BIG girl!!!
Hopefully Caleb won't be too far behind. We are soooo close!

Rachel said...

Way to go, Meghan! Just a suggestion on the bumper sticker thing, I wonder if you could set it on your dashboard where it can be seen, but not permanently affixed to the car, that or use sticky tack to attach it to the bumper.

carol said...

You are turning in to such a big girl. I am so proud of you staying dry day and night. Now that is HUGE!!!!!!!!
A certificate for being such a good student. I am soooo proud of you. I know some day school is not what we want to do but you are being such a big girl doing your work. I know that makes moms life a little easier. WAY TO GO BIG GIRL !!!!!!!!!!!!!

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