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Dad, Mom, and baby Meghan

Dad, Mom, and baby Meghan

Meghan through the years

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Monday, August 17, 2009

Pictures from the passenger window-Arizona Highways

We decided to take a little trip and visit my sister, we have been wanting to for months, but Tom worked strange hours all summer, it was not until last weekend that we could go anywhere and we finally took off. Driving a few hundred miles from the intense heat of Tucson to the 45 degree summer nights in Mogollon Rim country. I was excited to go, though truth be told, I was reluctant to leave the house, we had three, yes 3, litters of kittens and the moms would have to stay in the house with them. They go outside during the day to relax and well, relieve themselves, though we have a litter box in the house, we prefer it that way. I worried the moms would devastate the house (they did in their way). We called our oldest son to check on them that evening, but he never got the message, so we had a huge mess to clean up when we came hope and it literally stunk, if you get my drift...

So reluctant mom packed hastily for a visit to cooler temps and higher elevations, which meant fall clothing for us. I was sweating in shorts while I ran around the house, 85 degrees inside with the cooler going, and I could not imagine being cold in a few hours, but many family reunions taught me to be prepared.

Despite those things, we had such a good time, the best part was visiting with family, anyone who knows me knows I love to chat. Julia, my sister and I hunted for geodes, crystals and other treasures in the dry stream beds. We ate Elk roast from a cow my sister got earlier this year (or late last year, not certain) and came home with homemade jellies and jams, made from fruit my sister and her hubby collected in the forest.

We really needed more than two days to catch up, but at least we were able to have two.

I took pictures along the way, thought I would share with you.

Love the rock formations in Southwestern states

Yes, Saguaro's, we had to take some of the thousands of Saguaro's! I missed the lake in this shot, we had finally climbed high enough to see the lake. We drove through valleys and small hills as we climbed in elevation until finally, there it was! Roosevelt Lake! You can see a tiny bit of the lake to the middle left. I admit, it is difficult to get a really good picture in a moving van through the windshield. I think I did OK though, at least after I rolled down the window. When I was growing up the sight of the lake brought great excitement. We knew we would be able to cool off in it's fishy waters soon! I spent many hours walking along it's shores trying to catch guppies, stealing water dogs from fishermen, not realizing it was wrong, just knowing they were cute and were dying as fish bait!

After too many blurry pictures I begged Tom to pull over so I could get some better shots of the lake and surrounding area. This is the new bridge at Roosevelt Lake, I like the old road around the lake much better, we used to drive across the old dam The road was narrow, and sometimes scary, but I loved it. My father worked at the dam for a time as a security guard post retirement, he was never one to sit around. He loved it as much as I did. I think all of us; my extended family and I, loved the old dam.

The Roosevelt Dam, this is not my picture, I found it here:

When people hear I am from Arizona, they often ask about the cacti and deserts, but Arizona is a varied and unique environment, I love it here.The lake is so full this year, when we drove along this road in 2006, we saw a much different lake, a depressing sight, the water was at an all time low. The picture above is from 2006, taken from this old article. They had to move the marina to a new cove, as the old one became too shallow to accommodate the boats. My sister said they made a temporary ramp for the boats to dock; a rutted dirt road, so narrow and she had to back up down the hill, boat and all, where she would get stuck in the mud. It was not the best of times.

The lake last weekend, so happy that the lake is full once more. The marina in it's new home.

Just a sailboat, I wonder who they were? I wish I could do that, it looks so relaxing.

Meghan did so well on the trip, I was proud of her for staying dry and using an unusual potty at the gas station. She has come very far since she decided potties were better than pull-ups.

She is a really good traveller, and rarely complains as we drive along.

Kara sound asleep, at least until she heard, Food Kara, then her eyes flew open and she was wide awake. Kara loves her food, and Meghan, and everyone else's...We ate at the Dairy Queen Brazier on the way to see Aunt Sandy. Kara loved her french fries and chicken strips. We rarely eat fast food like that, so it was a real treat.
I could not get a good picture of Amanda from the front seat, she was all the way in the back with Julia, but she never slept, she looked out the window the entire trip, jabbering away and enjoying the scenery.

One of my sisters many hand fed "pet" birds, a few years ago she rescued this Robin's great grandfather, whom she calls Junior. Junior was the sole survivor when the nest he was in was attacked by crows. For as long as I can remember my sister has saved birds, especially nestlings, or at least she tried, when she was a child she did not know they could not eat bread with milk.
I saved one bird in my life, a young pigeon capture by two teenagers intent on burning his wings, and I raised him, and later his mate (he flew away one day and returned with her a few days later) through three clutches, mom and dad said enough was enough, we had 8 pigeons roosting in an old doghouse, and they did not smell very good. LOL. Frosty and Velvet had to go.

Sandy told us that Junior flew away for the winter to roost with the other Robins and brought home a mate early spring, they nested in her trees. They raised a brood (or two), and they have returned every year. This year, the Robin in the picture was chasing all the others away, including Junior, and taking all the meal worms for himself.

I think it is wonderful that my sister lives in a place where she can have friends like this.
Approaching Oro Valley! Something I missed when I was in Ukraine and Estonia; the Arizona sunsets and the lack of tall structures. You do not know how claustrophobic buildings and even trees can be when you are used to wide open places and great expanses of sky.

Almost in Tucson, the Santa Catalina's at dusk. Taking a digital picture with little light from a car is not easy LOL.


GoldenAngelsWorks said...

What wonderful pictures Kris. I hope you all had a wonderful visit with your sister.....

I am proud of you!

grammygwen said...

Beautiful pictures. I am glad that you were able to get away for a little while.
Good job Meghan!!

carol said...

Looks like you got to see many beautiful sights. I hope you and your sister got to catch up a little. Is always nice to get away. To bad about the cat mess.(I know what you mean)we have 2 cats indoors now.
Meghan is getting to be such a big girl. I am so proud of her. Kara sounds like my Haley a favorate at Dairy Queen the chicken strips and fries.
I was so excited to see a new update have been checking. Hope everyone is well.

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