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Dad, Mom, and baby Meghan

Dad, Mom, and baby Meghan

Meghan through the years

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Friday, July 18, 2008

Getting used to two little sisters

She tries so hard to love on Amanda, but Amanda is not comfortable with her new sisters yet, I know that will take time. I caught Amanda smiling as Kara and Meghan laughed and played with each other. So maybe soon...
Can you see how mad my dear little Meghan was at Kara. Kara was assaulting Amanda, and Meghan who is always a peacekeeper, was intervening. Kara was smacking her hands away.

Days get long here sometimes, Meghan seems to adjust fine to her sisters, but Kara, well, she is not, and is giving Meghan a hard time. Meghan thinks she is Kara's Mom though, very bossy. It is nice to see her mature as a result of our adoptions.

I still call her baby sometimes, she looks indignant. She no longer will sleep with me, she is a little mad that I leave and bring home other daughters I am sure. I miss her sweet head resting on my shoulder as I sleep. Maybe she is growing up?

Yesterday while her sisters were napping we watched Ice Princess, she was so happy that she kept running over and saying "hug, hug" and holding me tight, her soft cheek pressing next to mine. So I can see she misses our special times together too.

I think I can say with some authority though that just because a child has Down syndrome, does not mean you can pigeonhole their character traits, none of these three is like the other, just like all children, they are individuals.


GoldenAngelsWorks said...

The girls are beautiful.
I can understand Amanda not yet used to having sisters.
I can also understand Kara's actions as you just brought home someone and that person is stealing away some of her love from you... LOL
I am so proud that Meghan is being a big and wonderful sister to the girls. I know even though Meghan may get bossy it might make taking care of the two younger a little easier.... kinda like having a couple extra hands and eyes.
I also understand Meghan and the separation she may feel from you due to her new sisters.
Although, I am glad she can still show that she loves you and the time you have alone.
Give that great big sister a big hug from me.

ellen charge said...

love ur third blog savign it to love ur girls and that oen bout the girls hating each other makes me think of animals they r all the sam rite u hear stories botu it all the tiem arghhh love ya

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