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Dad, Mom, and baby Meghan

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Tuesday, November 11, 2008

I have been tagged

Lori, another mom adopting two special children and a fellow Arizonan(for now) has tagged me. I am to tell folks seven weird things about me, it will be difficult to choose only 7? LOL

1. I thought I was born in Winslow Arizona until last year, when I finally got my birth certificate for Kara's adoption paperwork. I had never seen my birth certificate until then, and entered school and got married using a baptismal certificate instead.

2. I used to dream the exact same dream every night for months, once the issue causing it was resolved, I would begin to dream something else. Most notably was the dream of a huge green Gargantuan coming after me in the 3rd grade...I do not remember my dreams anymore, maybe that is for the best. LOL

3. I am one of 9 children, 4 who were born to my father and his first wife and 4 who were born to my mother and her first husband. I am my father and mothers only living child together, my mother lost my brother Jacob Edward in the 6th month of pregnancy. My oldest sibling in 77 and the closest to me in age is 51.

4. I am a third generation Arizonan, my fathers family came here shortly after they arrived in Utah, my great grandmother was a pushcart Mormon.

5. My American ancestor (Father's side)and great great (etc etc) grandfather Samuel Smith fought in the Revolutionary War. My fathers family came to America early in it's colonization.

6. My maternal grandparents provided for their family as migrant farm workers during the Great Depression. My mother was born in a cornfield, likely in a small house in a lore, you know how it goes. Our branch of the Briggs family had initially settled in North Carolina in the 1700's.

7. Ancestors from both my fathers and mothers families fought in the civil war, most of my dad's were Union and my mothers were Confederates. Explains some things...

Lately I have been very interested in geneology, my brother and my maternal Aunt have researched maternal family extensively, I know my fathers family has as well, but it would be fun to do some myself.

I will choose my seven folks later, it is dinner time.


Lori & Family said...


I am coming to Tucson. I will be staying with Wendy Frank. I spoke to her tonight and she said that you need to come over and pick somethings up from her and you should do it while I am in town so I can meet your girls. Call Wendy or email her and set something up please.

WheresMyAngels said...

Wow, that is some interesting history! I hate it that I don't know much about my grandparents relatives, but I don't think they did either.

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