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Dad, Mom, and baby Meghan

Dad, Mom, and baby Meghan

Meghan through the years

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Saturday, May 30, 2009

Some pictures from my phone one year old.

I am one of those people whose children know more about their phone than I do. I have an old LG, takes pictures, plays music, I barely use it, I rarely leave home, who needs it when I have the home phone?

I have been taking pictures with my phone for two years, I am finally downloading them, lots of before and afters, they are not high quality images, but they are special to me.

Look how tiny our girls were last summer. This was before we brought Amanda home, they still get in the car that way, but they do not have as much room. :o)

Meghan climbed in the stroller after we took Amanda out to have her fitting for her SMO's. She is too big for the stroller, now, she seemed to grow overnight, it always sees that way, doesn't it, and Kara is SO BIG now.

Kara was home for 1 1/2 months here, still looking a little shell shocked, she was adjusting slowly to life in our family

Kara today at the orthotists, such a different little girl, so giggly and open. Amazing to be able to see the transformation. She is such goofy little girl, toddles around and smiles and plays. She likes food too much and we have to keep it out of reach, she decided nutter was fun to eat and broke my butter dish the other day, it is impossible to find a replacement and I am a little sad about it. I glued it.

This was taken in September 2008, Amanda had been home for two months. Oh goodness, she was so pale and tiny. Well she will likely always be tiny.

Amanda today, she has a tan! LOL, She is playing in the pool too much, with her Carotenemia, she has a golden tan.

She is such a sweetie pie, but stubborn and can get mean in a blink of the eye, mommy is sporting a scratch on her face, courtesy of Manda Moo.


Amy L said...

I love to see pics of your girls and it was neat to see how much they have changed in the last year!

GoldenAngelsWorks said...

There are definitely alot of changes that have happened with the girls.

carol said...

Nice to see a new entry on the blog. The pictures are priceless. How exciting to see the changes in all three girls. Hope you guys are enjoying the summer so far.Keep the pictures coming.

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