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Dad, Mom, and baby Meghan

Dad, Mom, and baby Meghan

Meghan through the years

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Tuesday, May 19, 2009

Yea, yea, yea, I know, where have you been?

I know, where have you been? Why haven't you updated? Simple explanation, I did not feel like it, hows that for honestly? I did not think very many folks actually read the blog, it was more for me than them, and it was time-consuming to post in it, so I just stopped. Slowly I realized that I was not keeping record of milestones, I always posted them here, so I had a reminder of them later. I will try to do better.

We are pretty boring; boring is fabulous, as we have been otherwise before, and I do not wish for exciting any time soon (as in illness or strife). Some of my sons are making some serious decisions about their futures. Though we are worried, we will support them in their choices. Julia and her boyfriend broke up, it has been very hard on them, and on Mom, who hates to see anyone in pain. We have another set of kittens in the house, and yes, we know about spaying...5 kittens, two black with boots, two Siamese-looking, and one grey tabby. The kittens are always born between the 25th and the 28th of April. Without an international trip to go to this year, we are wondering how summer will be for us. Though I believed I may go to Nicaragua, I do not think that is in the plans any longer. Personally I wish we were going somewhere exciting, but after paying for two international adoptions, we have no savings to play with.

Our school district, the main one that Tom works for, is cutting music and art classes in an effort to balance their budget. They eliminated my husbands position (choral and general music), though he remained on the job due to tenure and seniority. He got his Masters in educational technology, and guess what he will teach next year? They threw him a bone and let him keep ONE chorus class. When will they realize that the arts contribute to overall intelligence? How many studies will they ignore? There are none so blind and they who WILL NOT see.. Makes me terribly sad for all the children who will miss out in learning to express themselves creatively. Have you seen the ads on TV to bring the arts back into schools? Let me tell you that even if they raised money "for the arts" the schools decide where the money can best be spent, and they may decide to use the "arts" money for new computers or football equipment. Giving money to school districts for programs you want to see in the curriculum will not work. Advocating for the return of the programs will, en mass; but how many parents care enough to try?

Oh well, enough of that, it is a sore spot in our family, two children sing, 5 play musical instruments, two are in musical theater. Two are visual artists like their mom. So yes, we believe in the importance of art in the lives of every man woman and child on the planet. Enriching lives, improving cognition, maintaining attendance in schools? Nah, not important.

We were happy that Meghan was approved for another year of swim therapy, she is terrified of big pool, she also will keep speech therapy once a week. We got a new SC for our girls, I met her briefly, she is an older woman, and because I stink at remembering names, I can't remember hers.

Therapy takes up a few hours a week for us, Kara has speech on Mondays, Amanda had feeding therapy on Wednesdays, Amanda and Meghan have Speech on Friday, and Meghan has water therapy on Saturday. We are still waiting to hear about a physical therapist for Kara and Amanda. I do not know why it is taking so long, time to make another call.

This is the last week of school for everyone, I am so happy Meghan will be done, she had a relatively good year, and of course we are not going to stop teaching her over the summer. We have Handwriting Without Tears and will use it to help her with her writing, got some Squizzers so she can cut better as well. Some fine motor issues need to be addressed with her. An OT from her on-line charter called and began to tell me what Meghan needed, not because she evaluated her in person, but because "All kids with Down syndrome have these weaknesses". I am afraid that statement sends me into anger very quickly, please people, do not generalize, children with Down syndrome are as different as typically developing children. Angry advocate mommy emerged, then I had to apologize... tell me, why does that statement make me so mad?

After seeing Meghan's pictures I realized her swim suit is too small, looks like we need another one. I adore this one she has, maybe I can find a larger one on eBay? She has become such a mother hen to her little sisters, she has also taken to putting the groceries away when we go chopping. Sometimes puts things in the freezer that don't go there, but she does a great job with putting everything in it's place.

I cannot believe that Meghan is close to her tweens. She changes more everyday and we are hoping that her speech continues to improve, though I understand her perfectly, many people cannot. She is a little girl with so much to say too.

Kara was running a fever the night before, not all that well when she got in the pool, the water was not all that cold because the sun had warmed it, but she was not laughing and playing like she normally does. She and Julia both have coughs.

Finally, somewhat of a smile on Kara's face. When she feels sick, there is no denying it. I hope this passes quickly for her. Normally she is like the Tasmanian Devil, she whooshes through the house wrecking havoc. She also giggles the entire time she destroys things. Such a stinker, Kara is always the child people gravitate to, they adore her, and she is endearing and oh so cuddly, she melts into your arms and gives the sweetest hugs.

Kara is such a pretty girl, whereas Amanda is tiny and fragile looking (but is not fragile at all); Kara is robust, a little chubby, wide shoulders, tiny hips, built like a gymnast. She has also grown the last couple of months and moved into 4T's in some clothing. Meghan did not wear them until she was 6. We will have to watch Kara's weight.
Me to our speech therapist; "No Amanda does not put anything in her mouth." Uh hum, and look, she is eating a sucker, can we say blushing crimson, though I admit it, proving mom wrong in this instance is a great thing. It was a icky sucker with artificial ingredients and dyes, and yuck, she loved it, don't kids always love those very things, I buy organic suckers for them all the time, Meghan loves them, but Amanda prefers the icky ones.
Yep, she needs her bangs cut, AGAIN.

Amanda does not like the swimming pool, no way, I put her in the day after we bought it and she had a melt down, but leave her to her own devices and she decides to try it again. She spent two hours sitting outside of the pool splashing,. I guess she decided it looked good after all. She climbed in fully clothed....Meghan and Kara decided it looked like a good time and joined her, Kara took off all of her clothes and got in, whoops, and Meghan put on her suit and joined both of them.

It is fun to see Amanda overcome her fear of the water, clothing dries!

Looks at that hair, please tell me you do what I do and you wash your kids hair when they are in the kiddie pool, Amanda hates baths, so I decided to get the shampoo and have at her in the pool, I also put some Burt's Bees Baby Bath in the water...two birds, one stone...:o)
We took all the girls on a ride to the grocery store last night. I was closing in 10 minutes, so the little girls stayed in the van with me and daddy ran in to get what we needed. Amanda had a fit because daddy did not take her, she began to sob in the back seat and was inconsolable. When daddy came out of the store 8 minutes later, he took her out of her car seat and held her. She slapped his face and yelled at him... hmmm, did I mention those two adore one another, but the slapping needs to STOP. He did calm her down a little, and guess who gets to go with daddy next time he needs to pick up something from the store. :o)
Amanda cried as we drove away from the store, such a desolate little cry, heartbreaking. Her sad cries made Meghan cry in sympathy and Kara joined in because she was already feeling poorly. Tom and I just smiled at each other, the girls love one another, none of them want to see the other one in pain. Though a chorus of girls crying is not a pleasant sound by any means, it was one we were happy to hear.
Julia is pretty petite, check her out on the rocking dog, and yes, she told me not to post this picture, but it makes me smile! Sorry Julia LOL.


carol said...

I am so glad to see a new post. LOVE all of the pictures. The girls are growing up so fast. I hope you all have a wonderful summer.
Love the picture of Julia.

GoldenAngelsWorks said...

I am so happy to see you post.
The pictures are great... wish we lived closer.
Hope the girls enjoy the summer in the water... I have a feeling we will be trying to do the same.
That is a cute pic of Julia.... Aleishia always does things like that too.

grammygwen said...

Thanks for the update and pics.Love them. Julia looks really cute!!

Beth said...

I'm catching my blogging breath--glad to read all your news (and continued news).

I use my blog kind of as a scrapbook. I know I'll never make a scrapbook, but at least the blog will be around in some form all the time, and I can't lose it!

The girls look lovely, growing in beauty and and love.

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