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Dad, Mom, and baby Meghan

Dad, Mom, and baby Meghan

Meghan through the years

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Saturday, March 21, 2009

A beautiful day-some pictures of the early spring garden

Meghan loves roses as much as I do, most are in the bud stage, but these old garden roses bloom first. I got it a decade ago at a mystery bare root rose sale. It is a bluish pink rose. Meghan's alopecia is in fall out mode, half of her hair has been lost to it, thankfully the top is still growing and the bald spots are under it.

What a face huh? Meghan makes us laugh, she can make some goofy faces, and she is always laughing after she does. I think she looks confused here, even added a nervous nibble of her lower lip.

Speaking of funny faces, look at scrappy little Amanda. She loves to fold herself into compact positions. It was 90 yesterday, she is in her summer duds. Amanda turns 4 next Thursday, she looks like a 2 year old! She acts like a 8 month old, and she is so precious. Kara was napping, she is fighting a cold, I hope to get some pictures of her tomorrow. Her nose is so runny, all her pictures feature boogers. LOL She is miserable, I am so sad for her, she has been fighting a cold for a while, it waxes and wanes, but never goes away.

Another picture of the old garden rose, this one bloomed yesterday, still a dark bluish pink. It fades and becomes more variegated as the bloom ages. there is a picture of an older bloom below.

My second old garden rose, this one has smaller blooms, and is a climbing rose (probably a rambler, I have it staked to a arbor) It was another mystery rose, it looks like Blue Star, but who knows for certain. I am no expert. :o)

My pink geraniums (not a true geranium really) They are "common" flowers, but I love their vibrant blooms. This was taken on with the Macro Zoom function on my Fuji. It looks like it is floating in midair.

Another common plant in hot areas, the Lantana, this bush is over 10 years old, produces black berries that are toxic if eaten before they are ripe, so we cannot have the girls around them, not that they would go near them anyway. I do not like pruning them, the stems are full of sharp but fine hairlike thorns, they are very difficult to remove one they are in your skin. They also cause allergic reactions in most people. Rabbits hate them, so it is a good plant to use in AZ if there are lots of rabbits. Javelinas will eat anything. thankfully we do not have any of them near us, or I would not have a garden any longer.

One of the Cherubs from my non-working fountain.

An older bloom of my first mystery rose. The color is unique, the camera always changes it to more of a pink rose than it truly is. It has an unbelievable fragrance, it smells like a rose should smell. Tea roses do not come close to this fragrance!
I just could not leave Kara out of our pictures for today, so here she is, boogery nose and all. She feels better tonight, not as tired or whiny, but getting those crusty boogers off her nose is a monumental task. She hates it, fights like a bear, and ends up sobbing. Guess we will get most of it off in her bath.

A typical Kara fashion statement, she knows how to pull a top over her head, but can;t seem to get her arms in the sleeves. She walks around like this all the time. We are trying to let her self-dress. :o)
I love Kara's smile, it expresses so much joy, such a zeal for life.


Randy and Sheila said...

Oh thank you!!! It is grey here and everything still looks dirty since the snow melted. Your garden is beautiful! So are your girls, but they always are.

Arizona mom to eight said...

Oh poor Sheila, I remember the grey of Ukraine, the sun shone twice the entire time I was there, it got a little depressing. You will have spring blooms soon, hang in there.

GoldenAngelsWorks said...

The flowers are beautiful and so are the girls.....

I just busted up laughing when I saw that pic of Amanda... LOVE IT!!!

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