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Dad, Mom, and baby Meghan

Dad, Mom, and baby Meghan

Meghan through the years

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Thursday, March 5, 2009

Pictures for March

No, my girls are not always happy! Kara was mad that I was taking Amanda's picture, yes, honestly, she loves having her picture taken, and does not love to wait to see herself in the view screen.

Can you believe it is March here? most of our trees are not deciduous, so they stay pretty green, albeit a lighter color, all winter. Behind Meghan is a California Pepper. The huge Mesquite has already begun to drop its leaves, the ground is littered with them, tiny bits of pale green and yellow everywhere. The Sumac sheds it's leaves three times a year. None of these trees are native to Tucson, and all of them are tough on plumbing and pipes. None can be purchased in Tucson any longer save the Mesquite. If I had know the Sumac was such a messy tree, i would not have planted it 16 years ago.

I have waited two weeks to see Meghan smiling and with some color to her face and lips. She was so sick, I got a little scared. In a minute, everything can change, I am even more aware of it now than I was 10 years ago. So even though I knew she would be OK eventually, I was scared.

Amanda "Gene Simmons" and her far reaching tongue!

Yikes, what a tongue, all three girls can get their tongues WAY out there. Contrary to what people think, the girls do not have large tongues; they have tiny mouths with normal sized tongues. They also have a very narrow roof of mouth and their tongues do not sit well in their mouths like a typical persons does. Just thought I would mention that. :o)

Kara is definitely feeling better, but her viral rash has spread all over her little body. She had the same rash when we came home from Ukraine, both of us break out when we get sick I guess. At least she is up, walking, smiling, and no longer whining all day. PTL!

You can see Kara's rash pretty clearly here. Isn't she a silly goose, she is such a lovable girl, since she was so ill, she has a renewed interest in cuddling with mommy, I am so glad she is letting me hold her close again. For a time, she was mad at me for giving Amanda too much attention, I think balancing one on one time with kids is the most difficult challenge a parent has. I do not want any of my children to feel left out, but sometimes one of them needs me more than the others.

A kiss for Da (Amanda's name, as said by Meghan) I kept trying to get a good picture of Amanda, but she kept climbing into my lap, how could I complain about that?
Can you hear me singing the oompa loompa song? Amanda is almost orange from beta carotene in her food, for a while it was getting better, but egads, my girls is orange. The whites of her eyes are the purest white, the doctor does not believe it is related to liver issues, but I truly wish he would order a liver panel on her, just to make mommy feel better...


GoldenAngelsWorks said...

It is so wonderful to see the girls smiling and being their selves again.

Burt&Vickie McCumber said...

Wow ! They are even cuter when they are not sick!! Good luck with the balancing act. Push for that liver panal just to be sure.

grammygwen said...

So glad that everyone is feeling better. I love the picture of Meghan giving Amanda a kiss, so cute!!!!

carol said...

Glad everyone is feeling better can can get outside to soak in the sun. How are you feeling Kris. I cant imagine trying to juggle all of the girls and being so sick yourself. Praying that you all stay healthy.

Alice said...

Great pictures!! Kara makes me laugh. I love the spunky ones,especially when they belong to someone else.;)

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