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Dad, Mom, and baby Meghan

Dad, Mom, and baby Meghan

Meghan through the years

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Thursday, May 20, 2010


Julia ready for her Junior prom! She looked beautiful and they had a really good time, even though she had to drive the minivan that night...:)
Amanda still sporting the barrette I put in her bangs when I am feeding her. She tends to
drop her chin down and her hair falls in the food. I am thinking of growing out her bangs and
just putting her hair in ponytails. Amanda is doing well, she is so healthy, and I am grateful
for that. She is getting taller, wearing larger clothing now, all three little girls are due for
their yearly physical, and we will find out how much she grew this year. She will likely
never be a big girl, but that is OK.

Our sweet Meghan when she was 1 month old. I wish I had Kara and Amanda's baby pictures.

I love this one of Meghan, I can see those big blue eyes she had when she was an infant. I have a feeling her little baby face will be seen less and less as she nears all the changes puberty will bring, I am NOT ready for this, no I am not. Yes, she has food on her chin, LOL

I took this when Amanda was sitting in the shade and it was too dark to leave in color, but
I could not skip this adorable little smile, could I? Amanda is trying to walk, but I think she
has lots of muscle development to gain before she does it all the time. She can stand up and
take 8-10 steps, but prefers to scoot and lately, crawl, to get where she wants to go.

When they are not bickering, these two are inseparable. Just like sisters! Kara can be rough
and Meghan is learning to stand up for herself, Kara is such a sweet little girl, and the best cuddler ever, but sometimes, oh boy, you wonder where the aggression comes from. Lately
she has taken to crying while looking at herself in the mirror, she is learning about herself ,
she is quite an actress!
Silly Kara, she is getting so tall and so big! She has more teeth in that little mouth than I have ever seen, and great teeth too, she has yet to have a single cavity. She loves to brush her teeth , I think it is the vibration of the toothbrush, she will brush for 5 minutes if we let her.
Amanda, our little oompa loompa, I am hoping she will continue to eat more table food and less baby food. She cannot self feed yet, but she has learned to chew softer foods, so that is great progress for her.
Meghan loves posing for pictures, she is growing up fast, I know from our other 5 older kiddos that childhood flashes by, we need to remember to cherish it!

Meghan is losing so much hair alopecia areata, I asked her if we should cut the length and she said no, but her hair is so thin right now, some of it feels dead too, so I know the hair follicle has died and that hair will be gone soon, but she is also regrowing hair in places where she lost some. She also has no hair on her arms or legs, so we are wondering if aolpecia totalis is awaiting her. Meghan has always loved hair, always running her hands over mine and her therapists . One does not like it and it makes me feel mad and sad at the same time, she is firm, yet gentle, so I say nothing, but it is keeping Meghan from bonding with her. By trying to maintain a certain aloof (thinking professional) demeanor when they are working with children is to their detriment in my opinion. They will never be completely trusted by their clients.


GoldenAngelsWorks said...

OH MAN does Julia look so pretty in her dress. I hope she has lots of fun at the prom.

Meghan has grow so much. What a beauty she is. So sorry she is dealing with the hair issues. She has such pretty hair.

Kara is so pretty too. She is growing fast.

I think the pictures of Amanda are adorable. I just love that smile. Hope she can get to eating more table food and working those leg muscles. It will be so great for her... I know it gives you mixed feelings.

Adelaide Dupont said...

I would definitely let Meghan touch my hair, especially when it's loose.

Great to hear about Kara and Amanda and their physical coming up.

Baby pictures would be awesome. You can feed current pictures into the computer and they can do an age regression or progression. So you could put Kara's picture in, or make Meghan 20 in the picture.

carol said...

Kris. I hope Julia had a good time. She sure is a pretty girl. All of the girls are changing and growing up so fast. Enjoy your summer. When does Meghan finish home schooling?
carol n

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