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Dad, Mom, and baby Meghan

Dad, Mom, and baby Meghan

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Sunday, October 4, 2009

God Doesn't Make Mistakes

I got this on Facebook this morning, and after yesterday it was a wonderful video to watch, I was upset off and on about the research issue. I completely agree, with the song in the video, God does not make mistakes, but since we have free will, we most assuredly do.

Yesterday Tom and I took all three girls to a home with us so we could work on the Down Syndrome Connection web page, we met an adorable little girl, oh my goodness, she is almost 4 and greeted us at the door, Kara was the first one in and she said oh so clearly, Hi Kara. None of my girls are great talkers, this little sweetie sure is, and oh yes, she has Down syndrome too. I am hoping we, all the people working on the web page, can get it to the place we want it. Little L's daddy knows his stuff, so I know we are on the right track.

As is typical, Meghan ran to the back with L, they proceeded to dump L's enormous toy box out, argh, I get so embarrassed when my kids do that.Kara bounced on the bed, she is a bouncy girl! She then found a shopping cart and pushed it all over the house. There was a mirror on the wall, at L's height, and Kara walked past it smiling at herself, she adores mirrors. She did that a long while. Amanda came and sat with all of us, first with me, then L's daddy, and them me again. Now I know that wanting to play is emerging, yesterday Kara and Meghan went into the playhouse here at home, and Amanda opened the door to join them too, that is new, she used to ignore them. She also goes in on her own and sits on the Nemo bench in there. Oh, and did I mention it? She took 5 steps to me! 5! She is getting closer to walking!

When we finished with drafting out what we needed on the web page, we went to the store, it is a smallish store and it was packed, so I took just Meghan in with me. Normally she climbs in a basket, but Tom has been letting her walk when he takes the girls shopping, so she walked alongside me and she did great, she even picked out the items we normally buy and put them in the cart. She stayed with me too, my little girl, she is growing up, it happens so fast!I was proud of her yesterday, she used to run away to another aisle when I gave her some independence. When we got back to the van Kara was napping and Amanda was MAD, she wanted to come too. Doggone it, I felt so bad, we just wanted to run in and out really fast, today she can help shop for her sisters birthday present.

Julia went to a concert yesterday, KFMA Day, she loves concerts, even taking pictures for our local bands. She gets some great shots too. She came home last night with sore feet looking exhausted but happy! I am sure we will hear more about it today, she went right to bed!

I wanted to remind you about our fundraiser for our Buddy Walk, we do not care if we make our goal, but we do want to raise something for our Buddy Walk, so far we have no donations.


1 comment:

GoldenAngelsWorks said...

Horray for Amanda! 5 steps is wonderful!!

Hooray for Meghan shopping with mom like a big girl!!!

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