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Dad, Mom, and baby Meghan

Dad, Mom, and baby Meghan

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Sunday, September 7, 2008

Another lazy weekend

Ya ever look to the weekend thinking of all the things you will get done? I do it all the time, sadly nothing did get done this weekend because all of us were feeling under the weather. We thought it was a cold, but turns out our cooler pads were full of fungus and mold and made us all feel sick. Evaporative cooling has many downsides. We put an anti fungal in the cooler, hopefully the fishy smell will leave soon.

The cooler has had so many issues the past 3 weeks, we needed a new motor, the squirrel cage is squeaking and the bearings need to be replaced, and it the electrical cord keeps coming undone. Now the pump stopped working and everything got moldy in there. I realty truly wish we could get air conditioning, maybe in the winter when the prices go down? We also have needed a new heater for a few years, thankfully we only really need it at night December through February. We just put up with the house being in the 60's. We don't roast and we don't freeze, but we sure are not comfortable...

Things that need to be done?

Laundry, every day, all the time, but I wait to do most of it on the weekend when Tom can help watch the girls. Our laundry room is outside and it is HOT out there right now. Amanda thinks sitting on hot pavement is fun, her skin doesn't, I am wishing for 80 degree days right now.

Mowing the lawn and trimming the trees. Well, last weekend the lawn mower died, Tom could not get it to start, it is a horrid old thing that spews smoke, so perhaps we need another, greener mower anyway. We need trimmer line for the weed eater, we both forgot until we went to use it. The yard is overgrown and looks awful.

Going through junk mail, I don't know about you, but I am so weary of mail I did not ask for, offers for CC, and insurance and catalogs for things I would either never buy, and don not need or want. It all goes into the recycling bin, most before I even walk in the house. I cannot abide junk mail. What a waste of resources too.

Watering the garden, I always wanted a sprinkler system, but gosh, who has time to dig up the yard and install it? And no, we could not afford to have someone else do it. So I use soaker hoses and a sprayer. Helps me get the sun I need daily. watering is something that has to be done all the time, my family killed a lot of my plants when I was in Estonia because they thought they watered enough. (sigh) I need new plants for this winter.

Cleaning out closets Something I think should be done when it is cooler. They are a mess, Meghan likes to play in them. She takes numerous things and places them in bags, she has numerous bags which she stashes in weird places. Not to be indelicate; but she had my favorite bra in one, I could not find it for months, it was under a crib, in a bag. I emptied all her bags and found many missing items, including cups, spoons, hairbrushes, and undergarments? Wonder why she collects those things?

Cleaning off the carport We had 5 cats at one time, they liked to sleep where we stored some things we needed to take to storage, all of those things are on the ground behind a table. The carport is a mess, it is too hot to clean it right now, so we wait for cooler weather. (less spiders and other bugs around) It HAS to be done soon, the neighbors will complain!

Getting size 3 girls clothing out of storage These are for Kara, goodness, but she has grown so much, these are all fall-winter things, so she will be well-dressed. Meghan grows slowly and does not need a lot of things, I got her 4 outfits last week, they should mix with her existing clothes for the fall, if she grows over the winter, she may finally fit into size 6 clothing at age 8! Amanda has plenty of things to wear for winter too.

That was just a few of the things we need to do, all we did do was laundry. Pounding heads, sniffles, and malaise made anything else possible, though I did water the poor plants outside.

1 comment:

GoldenAngelsWorks said...

Hope you all get to feeling better soon. I definitely know how long the need to do list can get... mine is pretty long too.

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