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Dad, Mom, and baby Meghan

Dad, Mom, and baby Meghan

Meghan through the years

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Saturday, September 27, 2008

October-the very special reasons why I love it

Julia and Brian 2001

My oldest and first daughter was born in October. Julia will be 16 this year, I can hardly believe it. My excitement and that of my friends could hardly be contained when the ultrasound showed I was not having a fifth son, but my first daughter. :o)

Happy birthday Julia!

Breast cancer month, most of us who have survived it do not like the things they do in October. The pink M and M's, all the products sold, pinks shirts, shoes, pants, you name it. I and my survivor sisters have friends who cannot afford house payments or food because cancer treatment is so expensive. Instead of donating money for research this year, find someone going through treatments and spend money on a grocery store card for them, or take them to a movie, or out to lunch, take them lunch to their home, but please do not throw money away on pink socks where $.02 cents goes towards research PLEASE, help an actual cancer patient.

Meghan and I 2003

I am grateful that I am one of the lucky women in remission, it is such an incredible gift and I do not take any second I have for granted. What we have done; by adopting our two daughters, means so much more to me now than it would have pre-cancer. I am going on 6 years as a survivor, and I thank God everyday when I wake up and I am still doing OK.
For 6 years I got to celebrate having a very special little girl with Down syndrome, and this year, when we go to Buddy Walk, we celebrate having 3! Praise the Lord. Life gets busy, we rarely sit down for long, but we are the luckiest parents, we have 8 children whom we love very much, all unique and special, all gifts in our lives.

FALL, oh thank goodness for fall, it means the end of sweltering days, the beginning of cool nights and another growing season for us, I am hoping to help my roses bloom this fall, I can't wait to see their beauty fill my yard again.

Kara and Daddy in Ukraine November 2007

Kara turns four October 28Th. She gets her first birthday cake as a Levario, and she gets to open presents and have lots of attention from her brothers, she adores her brothers. My special little Kiev princess, I hope her family in Ukraine know how much we love and cherish her.

I enjoy Halloween, I like seeing kids dressed up and happy, and Julia adores it, I think she likes it better than her birthday! Getting candy from our neighbors is fun too, I suppose we will take the little girls to the same 10 homes we do every year, just enough candy to last a few weeks, and then they can have fun looking at the kids in their costumes. We think Meghan would be a cute pixie or fairy, Kara a Pumpkin, and Amanda a Monkey! I know many folks have issues with Halloween, but we do not... :oÞ We have fun dressing up and do not think too hard about anything else regarding it.


GoldenAngelsWorks said...

Wow Kris. October is a big month for you. I am so happy that you have 2 beautiful children that were born this month. I am even more happy knowing that this will be your 6th year being a survivor... I remember hearing all you were going through and how much of an inspiration you were to me then.... YOU ARE SO MUCH MORE OF AN INSPIRATION NOW!!!!!!!!!!!

carol said...

You are one amazing lady. You have been through so much and yet you worry about everyone else. You are a true Hero in my eyes.How lucky you are to be a survivor.I would expect nothing less from you. You are a insperation to everyone that knows you and to us that only know you from your blogs.The girls are so lucky to have this new forever family. I wish I could be at your buddy walk and see all of the smiles in your family as you so proudly walk with 2 new daughters and Meghan. October is a busy month for you guys. Us to I have 4 birthdays, 1 anniversary , and one end of chemo for my dear friend Frances. We are going to have a big party at the end of october for everything. My daughters birthday is on Halloween. But unlike your Julia Haley does not like Halloween.I hope you have a great October and Many many more.
carol n

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