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Dad, Mom, and baby Meghan

Dad, Mom, and baby Meghan

Meghan through the years

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Sunday, October 12, 2008

Cold day today

Well to us, it is in the 70's, a storm (remnants of a Hurricane) tried to get through to us, but all we got was wind and a drop in temperatures. I put pants, shoes and sweaters on the girls and they went outside to play, we have so many sweaters for the girls, I adore little cardigans and pullovers, and I actually look forward to cooler days. :o)

We have decided that Kara needs her own playhouse, Meghan is constantly throwing her out. LOL Kara goes into the house and lies down on the Finding Nemo bench. She is so miserable with her cold, I think we need to see her doctor, but they are closed tomorrow, so we will go Tuesday. Amanda is OK, just a runny nose.

Meghan has never had to share toys with siblings before, so she is learning how to, it is a work in progress for certain. She gets so confused about it and then her feeling get hurt when we reprimand her for pushing and tugging things away from Kara, not Amanda, who does not want to play with toys yet. Besides, Meghan feels very protective about her littlest sister. Poor Kara too, because before Amanda came, she and Meghan played with each other quite often. It is just regular sibling stuff, but it is amazing that Meghan has younger siblings, isn't it?

Kara is asleep right now, Amanda did not want to take her nap, so she is outside rocking on the blue doggie. She is laughing and smiling, and there is a light in her eyes, God is helping her heal, and to me , it is a miracle to witness.


Amy said...

Amanda is a flower and beginning to really blossom isn't she? I can just imagine how sweet she looks rocking on her doggie and laughing. Very precious!

carol said...

I bet the girls were so cute in their sweaters. The girls are really getting good use of that rocking dog. I am so glad you found that toy. Maybe you can find another playhouse at a garage sale. I hope Kara gets to feeling better. Hopefully you can get her into the dr. on Tuesday if she is not better. Take care and try and get some rest yourself. I hope you are feeling better.
carol n

GoldenAngelsWorks said...

I am also enjoying the cooler weather. It is so weird to feel chilled to the bone.... you are so used to sweating to death. lol

Yeah, sounds like everyone is adjusting to being a big family. Sibiling rivalry is always present.

I hope Kara gets to feeling better soon. Glad Amanda is feeling better. Also, so happy that God is working wonders through her and making things better.

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