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Dad, Mom, and baby Meghan

Dad, Mom, and baby Meghan

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Tuesday, October 14, 2008

Keeping up with three blogs is challenging

I am doing my best to update each one, but some days it is easier to put everything on Meghan's, which is really our family blog, to tell the truth.

I saw a friends blog where they were talking about 21 things that make their child special, that would mean I would need to find 63 things that make all my girls special, I am sure I could (and more) except I just don't have the time with the girls feeling sick, me getting almost no sleep because of Amanda, and homeschooling! I admire the moms who do such sweet and special things on their blogs, I used to think I was creative until I read theirs! :o)

I am also wanting a new template for Kara and Amanda's blogs, I love those sweet templates that Shelley, Kristy, and Mandy have for theirs (there are more, but those three come to mind) I tried to sign up for the free templates from their links, I was caught in a loop where I clicked the link and it brought me back to the same page. I would love one with a blue background and sunflowers for Kara's, and something pretty, frilly, and pink for Amanda's. She is such a delicate little beauty. I like this one I got for Meghan, it suits her, I know I could do better if I paid for it, but frankly, we can use that money for diapers and clothing. LOL

Our Buddy Walk is coming up, we have made $20, how sad huh, last time we made $500, and I was so tickled about that. I think I am fundraised out, and I am sure folks are also holding on to every dime now too with our uncertain economy, I surely understand that! I can't wait until we take all of the girls to Buddy Walk, it will be so much fun with all three, and I want to show off my special girls, I am already planning on what they will wear!


GoldenAngelsWorks said...

I hope to see pics of the girls and you on the buddy walk. If I lived closer I would sure walk with you all. I know Aleishia would too that way she could baby the girls ... she loves them all and ooohhhsss and aaahhhhsss over each picture.

WheresMyAngels said...

I forgot you have the other two going still as I only have this one linked on my blog and I typically go to my blog and hit the links on there:(

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