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Dad, Mom, and baby Meghan

Dad, Mom, and baby Meghan

Meghan through the years

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Sunday, October 26, 2008

Our Buddy Walk Today

It was our 7th annual Buddy walk today, we were so excited to bring all three of our girls to the walk, we wanted our friends to meet Kara and Amanda too.

We were getting ready to walk here, Tom and the girls are eating their Eegee's, a frozen drink we have in these parts. :o) Amanda does not like really cold foods, so she did not have one.

The walk was longer this year and Meghan was getting pretty tired towards the end. It illustrated why we need to get a toddler seat for our new stroller. We took Kara and Amanda out of the stroller after the walk was over. Meghan climbed in to rest.
We had her come out to take a group picture, with me behind the camera as usual, you will not see one photo of me anywhere unless another person took one when I was not looking. LOL
OK everyone, look at Mommy.

Tom pulled Kara back, she was trying to crawl away. Amanda
looked down when she saw the camera, Meghan joined her.
Meghan was not having any of this, she just wanted
to be left alone, and Kara is still trying to get away!
OK, this wasn't bad of Kara and Meghan, but hubby? Well, he sure looks unhappy, maybe the sun is in his eyes? Amanda is avoiding me, AGAIN.
Kara wanted free, so many places to explore, she has had it, we decided to give up on the group photo and let her free. We put Amanda on the grass too, she was not certain she liked it, but she soon began to spin in circles, so we knew she was relaxing.

Kara taking off, finally a happy girl.

One thing is for certain, Kara has no sense of danger, she crawled away without looking back, and I believe would have kept on going if I did not come after her.

Amanda relaxing, the tee is a size 6, and HUGE on her, it was the
smallest size they offered. I think she enjoyed herself today. She sure did love meeting Wendy, another mom who has adopted children with Down syndrome, she is also a foster parent.

Amanda was hugging and kissing Wendy, I think Wendy would have taken Amanda with her had we let her. Who could blame her, Amanda is such a precious little girl! She did offer to babysit for us (Thank you Wendy) We do need a night out, so we may call her soon. :o)
We took Meghan to the inflatables, she could not wait to go in, she was the only child with Down syndrome in line, that always worries me, she is not as adept as typical kids. Well, she managed to climb into the middle of the obstacle course, but refused to climb out, after 15 minutes I climbed in to get her, rather hard on the surface. Needless to say, she was not allowed back in.

We got home and We gave Amanda her dinner, the rest of us had pizza and were not hungry. Amanda crawled into the hallway and was playing with a car when all of a sudden everything went quiet, we found her like this.

Kara was also exhausted, but she refused to fall asleep and fought is a while, I found her on the sofa a few minutes later, sound asleep.

We are all pretty tired, but we had a good day.


GoldenAngelsWorks said...

The girls look like they had a wonderful time. I know we always enjoyed walking the kids because we knew it would tire them out. (VBG)

I am glad you found someone that would watch the girls to give you a little break.

What a cute way for Amanda to fall asleep... though it does not look real comfortable.

carol said...

Looks like a fun but exhausting day. I love all of the pictures.
I am glad you had such a nice day to walk. Cant wait for that new stroller. I think it is really going to help with outings.
carol n

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