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Dad, Mom, and baby Meghan

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Friday, October 24, 2008

Five Reasons to Vote NO on Prop 102

NO on Prop 102 -- the so-called "Marriage Amendment.

1. Vote NO -- Keep politicians out of marriage. Arizona has a budget deficit, and our schools need help. But what do politicians spend their time debating? Marriage -- even though it's already defined in state law as between a man and a woman and even though we voted on this two years ago.

2. Vote NO -- Tell the politicians that we aren't dumb. Why won't politicians listen to us? Do they think we're dumb? In 2006 we voted NO, now they are back at it, putting divisive issues on the ballot. We must stop spending time debating the definition of marriage.

3. Vote NO -- Tell politicians to get to work on real issues that matter to Arizona families. Voting on the marriage issue isn't important to people, we must focus on more important issues: health care, immigration, energy policy, and the economy.

4. Vote NO -- Leave marriage alone. Marriage in Arizona is already defined in state law as between a man and a woman. There's no reason to change the Constitution.

5. Vote NO again -- Trust the people. Voters made their views known on the issue of marriage two years ago by defeating the so-called "Protect Marriage Amendment." Forty-nine legislators should not be able to overturn the voters on this issue.

I view this as a hate proposition, I have been married 30 years to the same man and we have 8 children, and I believe in family values, except that I think a family is not defined by a union between a man and a woman, sorry folks, it is how I live my life as a wife and mother, but I do not believe in hateful legislation, government needs to stay out of this one, FOR GOOD.


Anonymous said...

Hmm "Government stay out of this one" I am pretty sure that is how every GLBT couple feels when wanting to wed? The problem with the way the law is - is simply that it is for religious reasons (separation of church and state) if the government would like to eliminate the word marriage all together and call every union a civil union (and leave the term marriage for the church) then that would be fine. There is no "lifestyle" we glbt community memebers partake in that is so ghastly we don't deserve the same rights (insurance/taxes/right to visit spouse in hospital) I get up in the morning - drink coffee- wake up my children (both special needs and adopted) take them to school and go to work, I pick them up and we enjoy family time with both of their parents (both mothers). Because of your own religious belief you see it fit to deny me the same rights you have with your husband? My ten year relationship is not as good as any other, our love not as strong our family not as deserving? I wish those who had these beliefs could see my family. And tell my kids we don't deserve to be a legal family and explain it to them :(

and no I won't include my name - for fear of being flamed I will gladly respond to any comments though.

AZmomto8 said...

Hi, I hope I did not indicate in any way, that I believe anyone in the GLBT community should not get married or have families, nothing could be further from the truth. IN AZ the law already exists, I have been nauseated seeing and hearing the hatefilled commercials saying a family is a man, woman and children, period, so any other family does not count in thier eyes?

A loving home is a loving home, be it single parents, grandparents, gay parents, or hetero parents, even siblings raising younger ones. I see no difference, children need loving adults to care for them.

Anonymous said...

Ah it seemed you were supporting the current AZ law (that states marriage is between a man and woman) I can be a bit defensive on the subject - I am sure you can understand why. I've been gradually poking my head in on blogs but I am an avid follower of pretty much all Reeces Rainbow blogs. My partner and I have discussed even starting our own but we feel its just opening ourselves up for critism. We also down the road (in about a year) plan on adopting again and we spend to much time scrolling through RR (especially me) but again it just seems a rather unwelcoming community for us. Perhaps its just a judgement we are making based on the religious nature of it but we by no means feel we will be welcomed. I would actually like to talk more about this subject? Special needs adoption is something we've done twice but never abroad. Do you have an email - I don't feel comfortable posting mine (again afraid of being flamed :( )

Nia said...

Um, yep.

I am sorry, but religion holds no place in a legal contract. None at all.

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