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Dad, Mom, and baby Meghan

Dad, Mom, and baby Meghan

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Monday, October 20, 2008

Oh no, Manda Moo's first injury

We leave the sliding door propped open during the day, the little girls love playing outside, but truth is, our yard is not very kid friendly, we have some atrocious cement that is rough on tender feet and knees. Something we always wanted to get fixed, but never have due to the huge cost of tearing it up and getting a load of cement to pour, and men to make sure it is level and such... My idea is to get interlocking foam mats and place them all over the patio, that way my little girls will be more comfortable and much safer.
We will likely go to Home Depot and get a package at a time until we have enough.

So today after lunch, the little girls went outside to play a little, Amanda was singing to me, so I went out and she was sitting at the swing, her way of asking to be put up on it. I put her up and Kara soon joined her, I could hear them playing while I washed out the bibs and bowls. (Our kitchen opens into the back yard, so they were right beside me really)
I heard the swing begin to squeak and knew Meghan had joined the girls, I heard laughing and went outside to see them all hanging out. Of course I had to get my daughters camera, I still have not replaced mine, I feel so lost without it, I am sure other moms understand that, especially if you love taking pictures like I do.
As soon as I clicked the first two pictures, Amanda was trying to get down and Kara was struggling to get to me, she loves to see herself on the camera, something left over from our days in Ukraine.
Of course big sis was having none of that, and attempted in her kid way to restrain them, and of course mommy had to get her to let go, talk about a choke grip. LOL
Well, Kara got away and sat by me, but Meghan pulled a reluctant Amanda right back up with her and held on. Meghan adores Manda Moo and is always wanting to hold her.

Amanda though, got Meghan's hand off of her and tried to climb off the swing head first, at the same time Meghan stood up an Manda fell, head down on the cement.
She landed on the side of her head and her cheek, her mouth bled a little too. She cried for 15 minutes while mommy held a cool clean cloth on her head and face. Here she is after she stopped crying, you can see her pink left cheek and he red puffy eyes. (right in the picture), poor baby, she was so sad. This happened in seconds and I tried to get to my little baby and grab her, but I just could not react soon enough.
After Amanda calmed down, both little girls had a bath and had their bangs cut; crooked bangs because they both refused to stay still. LOL I kep Amanda awake all afternoon, keeping an eye on her, she seems fine, but I feel so badly for her.
So, I think we will be getting those mats as soon as possible, no more of this kind of thing.


Jennifer said...

Poor baby! Luckily, kids bounce back fast!!

GoldenAngelsWorks said...

They are so cute together.
The mats are a good idea.

Poor Amanda.

carol said...

Oh poor baby. I am sure mama cuddling helpd her feel better. she looks so sad in the picture.
I hope you can get your mats soon. Glad everyone is ok tonight.
carol n

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