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Dad, Mom, and baby Meghan

Dad, Mom, and baby Meghan

Meghan through the years

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Friday, October 3, 2008

Stereotypes and Down syndrome

Baby Meghan, after her bath

We always get reactions when we take the girls out, most are positive, we kind of ignore the others, we are used to be stared at, makes me want to be sure I am well dressed. LOL

Most people who do not have someone with Down syndrome in their families assume that all kids with Ds are affectionate, outgoing-friendly, and lovable.

Meghan was the first child we have seen who is not all of that (we have seen many more since she was born). She is cautious around strangers, shy even, does not hug anyone unless she knows them well or they are children, she will hug and kiss other children, much to their dismay. Today in the pediatricinas waiting room she was sitting by a couple with a 3 month old baby, she was entralled with the cute little girl, but I had to lead her away. The mom and dad we using that happy voice folks use when her attention makes them uncomfortable.... She does not seek out the company of adults unless they have small children, and then she would follow them anywhere, not SAFE at all, we have to be very careful with her.

She is also quick to lose her temper and she lets you know, can be uncooperative, hates doctors visits and refuses to stand on scales. (who can blame her, she is a girl, we all dislike that!) She literally freaks out when she sees a person in a white coat. She also does not like therapists, they have been in her life since she was 4 months old, but she has zero tolerance of them., except for her beloved speech therapist, but then she is more like family now.

She hates having her hair washed, and she likes to dress herself. Often mismatched clothes, picking shoes from two different pairs, usually on the wrong foot. Lately I am proud to say, she has chosen matching clothes and shoes, maybe she does listen to me? What drives me crazy is her changing them 3-4 times a day, ugh, so much laundry.

Now Kara is the affectionate and outgoing stereotype. She is everything people expect from a little girl with Ds. That friendlieness; going to and hugging strangers, that is our Kara, people are enchanted by it, but it bothers Mama because it can be dangerous. We need to teach her that it is not safe to be so open. Certainly with trusted friends she can be, but she does not discriminate between family, close friends, as opposed to strangers.

Kara is not cautious with anoyone, she is less of a daredevil now that she has been home for a few months, but she still seems unaware of danger.

Kara has a slow temper, but when she gets upset, she is slow to recover, she prefers whining to crying, and is very dramatic about it. She does not mind having her hair washed and just tolerates it, which is good, because she often puts her food in her hair and needs baths twice a day to wash ot out. I cannot get her out of the bathtub, she loves being in there.
Will talk more about this Saturday

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WheresMyAngels said...

Mercede hugs everyone and Cheyenne flirts with everyone (male that is).

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